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About the Palace Cycling Course > Requirements


- All cyclists should obey road signs, traffic lights and instructions on the course signs.
- All cyclists should follow instructions given by police officers, traffic wardens and staff members of the Palace Cycling Course, if any.
- All cyclists are advised to wear gloves for safety.
- One rider for one bicycle, it is prohibited for two or more people to ride on the same bicycle.
- Cyclists should not take one or both hands off the handlebars or take their eyes off the road while cycling.
- Cyclists should not ride at excessive speed or race against other cyclists.
- Cyclists should not brake or turn suddenly, make a U-turn or ride in a zigzag. These can cause injuries and are very dangerous.
- Cyclists should put their belongings in the front baskets of their bicycles or in their pockets. It is not safe to hang their belongings on the handlebars.
- The rear brake should be applied, using the left hand, before the front brake, using the right hand.
- When you want to stop, you should slow down and pull over to the left-hand side of the road while looking back.
- It is prohibited to park on the Palace Cycling Course or in open spaces out of the course.
- Do not litter the area with rubbish, cigarette stubs, etc.

First Aid

- In the event of an injury within the Palace Cycling Course, first aid will be provided by staff members.
However, please note that the Palace Cycling Course does not have any further responsibility.
About the Palace Cycling Course > Requirements

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