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About the Palace Cycling Course > Requirements
■About the Palace Cycling Course

Spice up your Sundays with a pleasant cycling experience.

The Palace Cycling Course is a model course that is especially open to cyclists. Surrounded by castle moats and pine trees, this cycling course not only provides families with a quiet place for fitness and relaxation, but also contributes to preserving nature around the Imperial Palace. All users of this cycling course are responsible for protecting the beautiful environment of the area, as it is an invaluable asset for us all.

■Cycling on Your Own Bicycle

Opening Hours

- 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays
- Closed on rainy days, and days when special events are held.

Where You Can Ride

- A course covering a round trip of about 3 km from Iwaida Bridge to Hirakawa Gate

Notes on the Use of One’s Own Bicycle

- You are allowed to cycle on the Palace Cycling Course also on your own bicycle on your own responsibility.
- All cyclists should obey traffic regulations and staff instructions.
- You are not allowed to use vehicles other than bicycles within the course.

■Tips to Safe Cycling
- Users are advised to wear helmets and gloves during cycling.

- Please be sure to check the following before going onto the course:
Make sure that both front and rear brakes work effectively.
Make sure that the bell rings well enough.
Make sure that the tires are inflated to the right pressure.
Make sure that the handlebars are firmly in position.
Make sure that the saddle is firmly in position.
Make sure that the chain keeps tension normally.
Make sure that all screws are tight, that there are no strange sounds, etc.

- If in question, please ask a staff member for advice.
About the Palace Cycling Course > Requirements

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